New reviews in for "River Music"

River Music is out now in Europe! Reviews are starting to come in:

From Germany’s

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Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lee Crosby is on his sixth full CD with this "River Music". Often this Boston-based bluesman plays with an intercontinental formation. The album is released for Europe by the German Cosi Records and for his homeland this happens via Knick Knack Records from Seattle.

For those who have no affinity with Ryan Lee Crosby we can immediately say that his "blues" has something intriguing. Partly due to the use of the Oriental slide guitar, the points of contact are of course close to the raga music. But also by using African instruments such as the West African calabash, the Mali blues is soon within reach.

On this "River Music" we find 8 songs, the majority of which are of course written by Ryan Lee himself. The most noteworthy song on this album is the RL Burnside classic "Going Down South" that blends the blues from the North Mississippi with the textures of North Indian Hindu classical raga music. He finishes with the spiritual "Since I Lay My Burden Down" and with this, "River Music" belongs to the better folk and world blues albums.

Ryan Lee Crosby