Photo by Lisette Rooney

Photo by Lisette Rooney


I love music and have been blessed to have the study, presentation and teaching of this art as the center of my life's work. 

As I approach a quarter century of musical experience and a decade's worth of teaching, I now identify more than ever as a student of sound, seeking to develop my understanding of music and vibration through the study of raga and the 22 string chaturangui (designed by visionary slide guitarist Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya), while also expanding my relationship to 12 string guitar, American blues and folk music, and other traditions from around the world.

Seeking knowledge from cultures outside my own leads me to consistently question and re-evaluate what the role of the artist is in society alongside what the ongoing work is of the aspiring student. This line of inquiry also informs my approach as a teacher. I live within the desire to balance these perspectives and this ongoing reflection sets the tone of my life on a daily basis.

The roots of my own creative approach developed from the playing of punk rock, which I was initially exposed to alongside American blues and singer/songwriter music in the early years of my playing. This was an important time for my musical life, when I was first a beginner and where I originally found freedom within technical limitations. Many years later, I find there was an innate wisdom in this perspective which I return to again and again, even as my understanding of music and sound continues to evolve.

And when I return to this point of view, I discover with ever increasing clarity that what I want from music is to learn new ideas, new concepts, new ways of hearing and seeing beauty in the world. Through sound, I seek freedom.

There is more to learn from music than one can absorb in a lifetime, but if a musician is fortunate, there will be a long period with which to work. I hope to play for at least another 30 years, which is what I anticipate it will take to achieve some of the goals I am currently striving for.

During my time as an active artist, I have been blessed to record nearly ten albums of material and to play on stages across North America and the European Union. I have heard my music broadcast on national television and on radio stations across the U.S. However, if traveling and these achievements have taught me anything, it is that to be a musician and a lover of music is to be on a journey that never truly arrives. This is a feature, not a failure of the process. 

This website, like the music, is a work in progress, which I hope will expand and deepen over time. I deeply appreciate your participation in its evolution and I hope you will find something of value in these pages. Thank you for visiting.