Ryan Lee Crosby blends American folk-blues and North Indian raga into meditative songs of impermanence, compassion and joy. Through his music, Crosby hopes to inspire peace, openness and respect - for tradition, for culture, for each other and for one’s self.

Ryan Lee Crosby’s “River Music will satisfy the slightly adventurous listener as few other records I heard last year.” - Matt Hanson, The ARTS FUSE

Ryan Lee Crosby’s sound “is an update on the ghostly, close-to-the-bone approach of Delta bluesman Skip James. But don’t be fooled — the legendary Burnside and Kimbrough clans are among his gurus, and he's learned well.” Ted Drozdowski - NASHVILLE SCENE

“Ryan Lee Crosby plays the blues with such a fervor he makes you believe that the road to paradise goes straight through the devil’s music.” Simon Mahler - GÄSTELISTE