"Ryan Lee Crosby has turned his story into a tale of freedom and redemption found through music."
- James Reed, Boston Globe

Through 25 years of writing, playing and ongoing inquiry, Boston based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lee Crosby has grown from punk roots to develop a personal guitar approach that finds inspiration in traditional folk sounds of the American south and in the classical music of north India, which he studies weekly with internationally celebrated singer/composer/master teacher/activist Warren Senders, as well as annually with world renowned guru and slide guitar innovator Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya. This continuing education, enhanced by mentoring and awareness training with the gifted healer, seasoned yogi and original thinker Tom Alden, supports Crosby's creative and teaching practices, which center around a thoughtful relationship to American folk, blues and rock guitar.

In 2018, Ryan Lee Crosby will release a new album with a global band of musicians that brings these subtle qualities to the forefront through arrangements for 12 string guitar, chaturangui, tabla, fretless guitar, harmonica, calabash and saxophone, with a sound that seeks to honor tradition, while remaining self-expressive.

Crosby will tour solo and with the band in the U.S. and E.U. throughout the coming year to share the music and a message of love, unity and peace in sound.