Ryan Lee Crosby is a folk-blues singer/songwriter/guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and music teacher in Boston, MA.

Over the last decade, Crosby has written and released four full length albums, a film score and three EPs, which have received national airplay and collected prized local accolades such as “Best Singer/Songwriter” in the Boston Phoenix/WFNX Radio Music Poll and earned him nomations in the annual Boston Music Awards for "Best Male Vocalist" and "Best Singer/Songwriter."

He has performed live as a solo artist, bandleader and sideman on stages in the U.S., Canada and Europe, on bills with The Shins, The Hold Steady, Marissa Nadler, AA Bondy, Phosphorescent, Damon and Naomi, Chris Brokaw, The Black Atlantic and many more.

After a two year period during which he pursued his passion for boxing, Crosby returned to recording and performing, playing all of the instruments on his 2012 self-titled vinyl LP, which stands center stage in a diverse discography that ranges from psychedelic rock (Ryan Lee Crosby vinyl LP, EP3), to outsider folk (Out to Dry, Split Cassette), alongside experimental guitar (Return of the Invisible Man) and hi-fi pop (Summer's Come/The War, There is no Music). In addition, Crosby also composed, performed and recorded the film score to award-winning documentary "Racing the Rez" in 2012.

In between solo projects, Crosby has recorded and performed with Marissa Nadler, Faces on Film and the Animal Hospital Ensemble. Recently, he made his acting debut in videos by Marissa Nadler and the Future Carnivores, while also appearing in numerous videos for material off the Ryan Lee Crosby vinyl LP.

In 2013, Crosby released his fourth album, "Institution Blues," which he supported with a tour of Europe, performing in Holland, Germany and Switzerland at such venues as the Van Gogh Museum, the Groninger Museum and the Zentrum Altenberg.

Whether performing solo on 12 string guitar, as a bluesy drum-guitar duo, or with a full backing band, Crosby's intricate playing, propulsive rhythms and dynamic vocals create a sound that confronts listeners with an immediacy rarely found in the work of traditional singer/songwriters.

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